What is the Triad of Fire?

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Triad of Fire is a section inside the War Room where you challenge Ryan (the program founder) to a high-level roleplay that tests your ability to close a client or to turn a conversation around to closing a deal.

Under this section of the War Room, we've implemented three levels of business-building pain that allow you to outrank your previous self and become a Dojo Pro or a respected member of the Dojo Elites.

Furnace Level One, Two, and Master Furnace. Each level of the Furnace can make or break you.

This is what we previously called the "Basagan Session." Just so you know, some cry, some give up, and some realize that business is not for them. But we can't tell; maybe you can break the chain!

How to enter? Challenge Ryan and you'll be granted access to the Furnace Scheduling Channel and schedule a call best for you.

The mechanics are simple.

Everyone starts in Furnace Level One. You will send a Complete Niche Profile (with Demographic Information, a story, and a set of needs) at least a day before your scheduled call.

And on the day of your call, there's no intro, no instructions—just straight-up client roleplay.

Your call will be recorded and published inside the respective Furnace level for others to see and learn from your mistakes.

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